Prepare to have your socks rocked
Wonderkind Studios has been kicking ass and taking names in the Chicagoland area for years, and, honestly, we can’t believe you haven’t heard of us yet.

But here you are, asking for more. So let’s give the rundown: we do digital filmmaking and motion graphics, from concept to execution. We work as a team with our clients, knowing our ideas are better off when collaborating, and client ideas are probably better off with ours. Sometimes we work with brands directly, sometimes we work with agencies. We also have a lot of non-profit and documentary experience. If you aren’t sold yet, give us a call or come to our studio and we can chat more about how we can make your ideas look great.

Productions Big & Small

Even though we’re human, you’d never know it by our unlimited capacity to make kickass videos happen – from interviews to full-blown commercial productions.

Case Studies
Animation and CGI

If you’re looking for a compelling way to tell a story, animation and CGI capabilities are a surefire way (and happen to be in our wheelhouse)!

Case Studies
Charity is Paramount

We love video production, but it pales in comparison to our love of people. That’s why we prioritize work that makes a difference and allows us to give back.

Charity Work

Our Process

Every kick-ass story is an adventure.

Defining the objectives, the parameters, and desired outcomes for our quest!

Laying out what’s possible, what’s been done before, where should we draw inspiration.

Proposing and assessing all the options for how to achieve the goal, and select one.

Making the (technical) magic come to life! Creating, iterating and refining.

Revising the final rounds, and handing over the amazing finished video to you!

Watch our reel.

“What if?” Those two little words define Wonderkind Studios to me. In pre-production meetings, on the set or in post, they ask questions. They suggest approaches that make ideas come alive. Brian and his team are talented, intelligent and passionate storytellers. And that shows every time they ask, “what if?”



For 16 years Wonderkind has been a trusted and reliable source for our firm's photography, video and graphics animation support. In studio or on location. People or big machines. In the States or across the ocean. Makes no difference. Brian and his Wonderkind team always give us the expertise we need for great creative execution without breaking the bank. I highly recommend them.


MANAGING PARTNER, Drucker Group, Inc.

The best video/still work in town. My go to for numerous commercial, non-profit, and animation projects.


OWNER, Blackberry Market

Wonderkind Studios is our go to partner for the last 18 years when it comes to visual storytelling whether that be motion, video or still imagery. They are truly craftsmen and can figure anything out technically.



We're Creative People

We’re a quirky team of creative professionals who have a wide range of interests and a hunger for learning. Above everything, we love creating things for our clients and we’re committed to the craft of kick ass videos.

Brian MacDonald

Married to Suzanne, father of Victoria and Lauren. I love to bike and run, and I love visiting national parks with family. And oh yea, I’m a photographer and director, I’ve won some awards, and I travel a lot internationally for ad agencies and NGOs. I love being a visual storyteller. I co-founded and hope the site tells the rest.

Luke Daley

I like long walks on the beach and writing bios about myself. I’m that guy who you yell down the hall “LUUUUKE! My computer’s not working again!” who comes and fixes it because he likes doing that kind of stuff, as well as editing, motion graphics, animation and web design… My wife and goofy kid are the ones who keep me going every day and drive me to improve.

Steve Bryant

My passion for film began at a young age when I started filming and editing skateboarding using two VCR’s. This began an endless quest to understand the art of visual storytelling. My passions also include theater and script writing. I believe both help me to attain a better understanding of the human condition which translates into honest and exciting cinema.

Gavin Wright

Being a motion designer is great and all, but the slack line lunch breaks balance out the day. When I’m not at work animating twice the number of frames as Luke or lifting heavier things than Steve, you can find me climbing a rock, ripping a mountain bike trail, or cruising on the motorcycle.

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Get in touch!