Every story is an adventure

With every project that comes our way, we aim to craft a story that will impact others and spread your mission far and wide. That’s why we have an action plan (a roadmap, if you will) for accomplishing your storytelling quest. While not every video project will follow the same route, you can be assured that we’re going on this journey together, relishing the adventure, creating an engaging story along the way.

Ready for your next video?
You come to us with a quest.

Perhaps you’ve been wringing your hands about what you can use to creatively communicate last quarter’s successes at the upcoming shareholders meeting. Or maybe your company is set to release a new product next month, but you can’t figure out the best way to get the word out. Or, possibly, you’re trying to figure out how your brand can cut through the noise on social media or broadcast television and win new customers.

Whatever it is, you’ve got a quest. You’ve got a problem you’re trying to solve, and need a way to go about it. You need a great Chicago video production company and Wonderkind is ready to meet the challenge.

We go on an exploration.

As with any good quest, we bring with us our sense of adventure.

We’re curious about your needs, so we dig into the brief, we hear your goals for the project, we learn about your brand, we listen to your constraints. In short – we use this time to explore you.

We begin investigating.

And now, based on the information we have, it’s time to start figuring out how we’re going to help you conquer your quest.

In this phase we ask a lot of questions. What have we seen done well before? What are cutting-edge [insert project types here] looking like now? What could be some cost-effective ways of going about the project? What could be the “dream big” options? What gear will we need to use? Animation? GGI? Live action video production?  How will we go about making it happen?

We ideate on possibilities.

At this part of the adventure, everything is possible (within parameters, of course).

Based on the information we’ve gathered and the research we’ve done, we come up with a range of options for how to best approach your project; some that will feel “safe,” some that will push it a little, and some that will feel a big dream. We do this intentionally – we know that not all of our approaches will feel right, but we want to give you a vision of what is possible.

From there, we work together to pick the best plan forward; sometimes we have to change course, sometimes we have to make some tweaks, sometimes we plow right ahead. Regardless, we proceed with and then we start laying it all out and planning!

This pre-production phase not only involves deciding what we’re going to do to conquer your quest, but how we’re going to do it. Based on the chosen direction for the project, we dig into what it will take to get it done. Whether storyboarding, casting actors, scouting locations, renting equipment, illustrating graphics – we want to make sure everything is just right before we dive into creating.

We start creating.

Alright. This is where the real work begins.

Imagine, if you will, that you show up at [insert location for shoot here] and the lights, the scene, the actors – everything’s ready to go. You’re handed a cup of coffee, offered a seat, and we set off on creating the ultimate video together.

Finally, we bring the quest to resolution.

Sadly, every adventure comes to an end…But thankfully, at the end of this adventure you get a kick-ass video!

For this final leg of the journey, we dig into fine trim. We edit, color-correct, illustrate graphics, create animations, and search for music. We send you a rough cut, we hear your feedback, we go through rounds of revisions, we troubleshoot, we put on the finishing touches and…

You’ve got yourself a new video!

But the journey doesn’t end there. We understand that things may come up. You may decide that, for example, you need instagram shorts cut from the existing footage. No problem. We’re here, we’ve got the chops, and we’ll take that kick-ass video to the next level!

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