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Chasing Wonder through digital film production and motion graphics for brands and agencies.
Captivating Digital Cinema

At Wonderkind we are crazy about helping show the world how awesome you are. Whether you need an amazing tv spot or captivating social media video, we’ve got you covered. From video productions that show the passions of a corporation to stories of non-profits in far off lands, we can deliver the goods. We are a full service production company. Get in touch and let’s get the ball rolling.

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Engaging Animation

We cringe at the idea of boring animation. If it’s not going to be awesome, what’s the point? Well planned and executed animation will captivate your audience and make them think twice about who you are. They will perk up and listen to what you have to say to the world. We love to offer innovative ideas of how to make your story scream “look at me.” Let’s make this happen. Drop us a line.

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With every project that comes our way, we aim to craft a story that will impact others and spread your mission far and wide. That’s why we have an action plan (a roadmap, if you will) for accomplishing your storytelling quest. While not every video project will follow the same route, you can be assured that we’re going on this journey together, relishing the adventure, creating an engaging story along the way.

Our Process

Every story is an adventure.

Defining the objectives, the parameters, and desired outcomes for our quest!

Laying out what’s possible, what’s been done before, and from where we can draw inspiration.

Proposing and assessing all the options for how to achieve the goal, and select one.

Making the (technical) magic come to life! Creating, iterating and refining.

Revising the final rounds, and handing over the amazing finished video to you!

For Chicago production companies Wonderkind Studios is our go to partner for the last 18 years when it comes to visual storytelling whether that be motion, video or still imagery. They are truly craftsmen and can figure anything out technically.



The best Chicago corporate video production and animation studio around. My go to for numerous commercial, non-profit, and motion graphic projects. If you need a studio in the Chicago area they are the people to call.



“What if?” Those two little words define Wonderkind Studios to me. In pre-production meetings, on the set or in post, they ask questions. They suggest approaches that make ideas come alive. Brian and his team are talented, intelligent and passionate storytellers. And that shows every time they ask, “what if?”



For 16 years Wonderkind has been a trusted and reliable source for our firm's photography, video and graphics animation support. In studio or on location. People or big machines. In the States or across the ocean. Makes no difference. Brian and his Wonderkind team always give us the expertise we need for great creative execution without breaking the bank. I highly recommend them.


MANAGING PARTNER, Drucker Group, Inc.

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